After The Syrian Attack, Israel Reportedly Targeting Iraq

Israeli air strikes on Gaza (photo: REUTERS / Amir Cohen) – Israel is reportedly continuing to attack Syria throughout the week. According to various sources, Israel is even targeting Iranian military assets in the region.

Reported by Al-Jarida, Saturday (21/07/2018), After Syria, the Iraqi territory reported to be the next target with a similar pretext.

Israel is even reported to have obtained a list of targets within the territory of Iraq.

The report said that Israel had a list of Iranian military sites to transport weapons and equipment to Syria and intended to target them to stop Iran’s military buildup.

“Tel Aviv has a list of Iranian military sites used to transport weapons, equipment and elements to Syria and intend to bomb them to stop what it sees as Iran’s military buildup,” the report said.

To reinforce its report, the Arab media claimed to have obtained photographs of several sites on the Israeli target list of attacks in Iraq.

These sites include the Iran-Iran border crossing area near Mehran, east of Baghdad, and another intersection near Basra.

“In the last two months, Al-Jarida has received exclusive air photos of Israeli targets, including border crossings with Iran, such as Mehran and Bashmak? Along with the Shalamjah-Basra border and near Kuwait,” continued the Frantzman translation.

However, the Israeli side refused to comment when asked by journalists about the target. Israel has strongly rejected Iran’s presence in Syria.