French President’s Personal Guard Sacked for Demonstration

The head of bodyguard of French President Emmanuel Macron was fired after caught demonstrators. Insert: Alexandre Benalla. Photo: AP – The president’s personal security chief has been sacked by French President Emmanuel Macroan for beating a demonstrator.

Quoted from the AFP, Saturday (21/07/2018), Perpetrator known as Alexandre Benalla. The action was known in May.

Benalla appeared in May Day protests with unarmed riot helmets. Benalla is Macron’s personal bodyguard who has long worked with him.

He was initially suspended for 15 days and was allowed to return to work. Just days ago he was seen publicly helping to organize security for the celebration of the return of the French team who came out as World Cup champions.

According to local media reports, Parliamentarians in the country have actually launched an investigation into the case.

Soft initial penalties and failure of the authorities to immediately report Benalla to court.

In the recording, released on Wednesday by Le Monde newspaper, Benalla was seen dragging a woman away from the protests and then hitting a male demonstrator. On Friday, French media released a second video showing Benalla also persecuting the woman.