FSB: Russian Hipersonic Missile Data Has Been Leaked To The West

    The FSB believes Russian Hipersonic Missile data has leaked to the West
    The FSB is hunting down secret Russian hypersonic missile sprinklers into western intelligence. Photo : Reuters

    atynews.com – Russian Domestic Intelligence Agency (FBS) says that the secret data of the state-owned hypersonic missile has leaked to the West.

    Reporting from Sputnik, Saturday (21/07/2018), FBS claims that the leaking of the secret allegedly done by employees in the missile industry was made.

    According to the FSB report, Currently all employees in the Industry are being investigated related to the hypersonic missile’s leaking missile.

    Citing Russian intelligence sources, the Kommersant newspaper published the news that an employee with the highest secret permission was suspected of leaking data.

    Earlier Friday morning, the FSB searched the office of TSNIIMASH (Institute of Machine Research Center) and United Rocket and Space Corporation (URSC). Both institutions are part of the Russian Space Agency, Roscosmos, involved in the development of hypersonic weapons projects.

    The FSB specifically targeted the head of the URSC research facility, Dmitry Paison, and conducted another hunt in his office.

    A source who knew the FSB investigation told Kommersant, “It has been determined that the leak came from TSNIIMASH employees associated with Paison”.

    The source describes this FSB investigation as an unprecedented investigation.