Afghan Taliban Make Talks with US in Qatar

Afghan Taliban claim to have talks with the United States
Photo: Illustration – Taliban leaders of Afghanistan say they have been in talks with the United States (US) in Qatar.

Reported from NBC, Saturday (21/07/2018), It was expressed by three high-ranking Taliban.

According to Taliban sources, talks with US officials have taken place in Afghanistan, Qatar, United Arab Emirates.

A negotiator said the Taliban delegation had joined with never more than five Americans in a series of meetings in a hotel suite in Doha, Qatar.

The participants of the Doha meeting said the meeting was very friendly with tea and cake served. Negotiators said the security was very tight inside and outside, with the hotel staff not being allowed in.

Amid concerns about their own safety, Taliban envoys are taking steps not to be identified by Russian, Chinese and Arab intelligence services.

“We did not go to the hotel together,” the negotiator said.

“We never go to the meeting place once they reach the meeting place, then we go there one by one, we use the elevator for several floors and then go up the stairs for security reasons,” he added.

The US side when confirmed does not want to comment on claims by the Taliban.