China Holds War Training for Taiwan’s Invasion

Photo: AP – China is reportedly about to hold a five-day military exercise that is reportedly to recapture Taiwan.

Quoted from China Morning Post, Saturday (7/21/2018), The announcement was published by Zhejiang Maritime Safety Administrator.

In its notice, they warned ships to avoid the sea that stretches from Zhoushan to Wenzhou off the coast of the eastern and northern provinces of Taiwan.

Song Zhongping, a Chinese military expert said the main purpose of this exercise is to give serious warnings to Taiwanese separatists.

“The main purpose of the exercise is to send serious warnings to Taiwanese separatists,” he said.

“The Air Force and the Chinese Navy have been conducting regular siege exercises this year, adding to and shaping military prevention of high pressure on Taiwanese separatists,” he added.

The exercise, which is reported to comprise an area of ​​Taiwan, is scheduled to run from Wednesday to Monday. According to a local expert, the exercise will send a message to Taiwan.