Vladimir Putin to meet Donald Trump in US

Photo: BBC

atynews.com – Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly agreed to meet with US President Donald Trump in Washington DC, USA.

Reported from Sputnik, Saturday (21/07/2018), This was disclosed by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a press statement today to the media.

Although he clearly states, President Putin’s decree does not yet exist on the invitation of President Trump about his visit to the United States.

However, He said that Russia opened the option to anyone to build friendship with his country, the US intention.

As is known, President Trump recently invited openly Russian President, Vladimir Putin to come visit Washington DC.

This invitation was made Trump after his meeting with Putin earlier this week in Finland. The meeting was held after the NATO summit a few days ago.

There has been no official decision from Russia about this invitation. However, many people are optimistic to build both relations between the two countries is necessary to maintain the stability of world security.

Trump has publicly accused Russia of interfering with electoral affairs in the US in 2016. Although he had previously been criticized for defending Putin and said Russia did not participate capur.

The Trump shield to Putin was also confirmed by White House spokesman Sarah Sanders in a statement to the media.