30 People More Deaths Due to Heat Waves in Japan

Photo: AP

atynews.com – Heat waves that have occurred in some parts of Japan have killed at least 30 people since the last week.

Reported from the BBC, Saturday (21/07/2018), According to reports local officials, In Tokyo at least more than 3,000 emergency calls because of this disaster.

At the beginning of this week temperatures in some cities in central Japan reached 40.7 degrees Celsius.

In fact, in Kyoto City, temperatures reached 38 degrees Celsius for seven days in a row. This incident was the first since records began in the 19th century.

This natural disaster occurred after the devastating floods in the country that killed more than 200 people.

Japan Meteorological Agency said that the temperature in some areas in Japan increased. Meanwhile, humidity levels are also high which can cause harmful attacks to humans.

Therefore, the Agency appealed to the people in Japan to follow the steps given to keep the condition safe when outside the home.

A number of high school students in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, have symptoms of seizures from exposure to sunburn and should be taken to a hospital.

This heat wave phenomenon adds complicated efforts to save the flood victims in western Japan as many volunteers move in the hot sun.