ISIS Senior Wife’s wife arrested in Turkey

Abu Omar al-Shishani (Kiriri) (Al-Itisam Media / AFP Photo / File) – Turkey reportedly has arrested Wife of the late ISIS senior, Abu Omar al-Shishani who was dubbed the “Minister of War” of the group.

Reported by Reuters on Saturday (21/07/2018), the arrest occurred on 4 July. He became one of five people arrested in a capture in an area in Istanbul.

Reported from various sources Shishani known originated from Georgia, Europe killed in battle in the district of Shirqat, Iraq in July 2016 ago.

During his lifetime, Shishani was known as a close adviser to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Turkish police have not released the name of Shishani’s wife, but only call her initials ‘SD’. The origin of citizenship of Shishani’s wife is not mentioned further.

Shishani’s wife was presented at court in Istanbul court on July 17 and is currently in custody of local authorities.

It is known that Shishani and his wife have two sons, but their existence is not known for sure.