UK Accused of Using Children to Be a Spy in Secret Operations

Photo: BBC – Britain accused of using children to spy in covert operations against terrorists, gang members and drug dealers.

Reported from Channel News Asia, Saturday (21/07/2018), This news is busy at news sites in the UK. In fact, one of the English media said the children were under the age of 16 years.

The report comes after the House of Lords expressed concern over the use of ‘secret human intelligence sources that are still teenagers’.

This was disclosed by the British Government to extend the time of the underage spy in a covert operation.

The Guardian reports such practices are criticized by a number of parties, including former Brexit Minister David Davis who called the use of child spies as “morally repugnant”.

However, Prime Minister Theresa May’s Office has defended this practice by saying that the use of adolescents as a source of secret intelligence is very rare and only when necessary.

Ben Wallace, UK Home Office official, calls the CHISs’ reach for ‘unique access to information’. “For example, it can be difficult to collect evidence of criminal gangs without entering a membership through a teenage CHIS,” he said.