Donald Trump: I’m Optimistic Building Relationships With Putin

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin (Getty Images / AFP) – US President Donald Trump says he is optimistic about building good relations with Russia under President Vladimir Putin.

Reported by the Washington Post on Saturday (21/07/2018) It was delivered by Trump when asked reporters when about to exit from the White House today.

He said that the relationship between the US and Russia in the former President was underestimated. Therefore, He will build rapport with his rival country.

“I am optimistic to build a good relationship with Russia under President Putin.” Trump said on the sidelines of his work agenda.

It is said Trump is an extension of the agenda of his meeting with Putin a few days ago in Finland after the NATO summit.

Nevertheless, Trump believes that Russia has sought to interfere in elections in the US in 2016. But there has been no strong evidence of the allegations to Russia.

White House Spokesman Sarah Sanders is also one word with Trump when confirmed by reporters today. He said that President Trump is optimistic to build a good relationship with Putin.