Donald Trump: I Can Be The Worst Enemy Putin

Trump says Montenegro is very aggressive, could trigger World War III
President of the United States Donald Trump. Photo : Reuters – US President Donald Trump says he can be the worst enemy of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Quoted from Sputnik, Friday (20/7/2018), This was disclosed by President Trump in an interview with CNBC today.

Trump says that being friends with President Putin or Russia is a positive thing. Not negatively negative.

But if it says a meeting between himself and Putin does not work, he claimed to be a damned enemy for Putin who once owned.

“Joining President Putin, hanging out with Russia is positive, not negative,” said Trump.

In addition, President Trump also criticized former US President Barack Obama for being a bad Russian partner.

Trump also dismissed claims that he was somehow under Putin’s influence, saying he had urged German Chancellor Angela Merkel to cancel plans to build a new gas pipeline that would send gas from Russia to Germany in the Baltic Sea.