Russia and China Postpone US Demand to Stop Oil Exports to North Korea

Photo: AP – Russia and China have been voted on a request by the United States to the UN Security Council sanctions committee to stop exporting crude oil to North Korea.

Reported by AFP on Friday (20/07/2018), Russia and China reportedly asked for more details about US allegations to the North.

As reported earlier, the United States pressed the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on the North because it alleged 89 ships have been transferred to ship processed oil this year by North Korea.

But Russia’s missions at the UN put “suspension” on US demand.

“Russia told the committee that it is seeking additional information about any cases of illegal alteration of oil,” diplomats said.

“China supports Russia’s request and asks the United States to provide additional factual information to facilitate all states to study and make judgments,”

According to the North Korea Security Council sanctions website, only Russia and China are reporting the legitimate sale of some 14,000 tonnes of pure oil to the North in 2018.