Germans Worry on Trump Rather Than Putin

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin (Getty Images / AFP) – The greatness of people in Germany thinks that the President of the United States (US), Donald Trump is more dangerous than the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Reported by AFP on Friday (20/07/2018), This is evidenced from a poll of the international online survey agency headquartered in the UK, YouGov.

In the poll, 64 percent of respondents chose Trump more dangerously than Putin. It was also published on the eve of the Trump and Putin meetings in Helsinki, Finland.

In fact, the US is a major ally of Germany. From various fields, the two countries continue to work together in various sectors of government.

As many as 56 percent say Putin is more competent than Trump, and only 5 percent prefer Trump.

Thirty-six percent of Germans say Putin is more easily liked than Trump and only six percent say otherwise. Furthermore, 44 percent of respondents also say that Putin is more powerful and only 29 percent think otherwise.

A new poll conducted by the Emnid Research Institute for the Bild newspaper shows Germans are also not too concerned with increasing migration to Europe. Only 38 percent say they prioritize “restrict immigration.”