Australian TigerAir Plane Hit by Lightning

TigerAir. Photo: Google – Aircraft from one of the airlines in Australia, TigerAir reportedly hit by lightning strikes and had to return to Melbourne Airport.

Reported from ABC, Friday (20/07/2018), This is told one of the passengers of the pesawa to the local media.

Initially the TigerAir TT471 plane flew in from Melbourne and was going to Adelaide on Thursday (19/7) last night.

Karen Juniper, a passenger who experienced the incident said the plane initially experienced a pretty hard shock.

“The aircraft was shaking,” he said.

After about 10 minutes later, Passengers see a strong ray in the window next to send the plane. And at the same time there was a huge explosion.

“And after 10 minutes, there was a strong beam on the left side of the window and there was a big explosion.” he added. As the plane continues to fly about five minutes.

Not long afterwards, the aircraft captain said that the plane was hit by lightning and would soon return to the plane.

“The captain then announced that there was a lightning strike on the plane, and the plane was returning to the airport, which I think was welcome to all passengers.” he said.

There has been no more detailed information about this incident from the aviation authority in Australia.