Famous Plastic Surgeon in Brazil Blurred After His Patients Died

Photo: AP

atynews.com – A prominent plastic surgeon in Brazil reportedly escaped after one of his patients was declared dead after surgery.

Quoted from the AFP, Wednesday (18/7/2018), the surgeon was known named Dr. Bumbum is now in pursuit by the local police.

The man whose real name is Denis Furtado is known throughout Brazil for his abilities.

The victim in the know named Lilian Quezia Calixto. He was declared dead after a few hours after undergoing surgery with Dr. Bombom.

After receiving a controversial acrylic glass filler injection, Calixto began to feel sick.

Arriving at the hospital on Sunday (15/7) local time, the woman experienced rapid heartbeat and hypertension, and after four heart attacks, she died.

Shortly after, Furtado disappeared and is now being hunted by police for alleged murder and criminal cases. While his girlfriend, whom some media referred to as his assistant, has been arrested by police.