Russia Asks UN To Ease North Korean Sanctions

Photo: Google – Russia has reportedly called on the UN Security Council to immediately ease sanctions against North Korea.

Quoted from Reuters on Wednesday (18/07/2018), This was conveyed by the Russian Ambassador to North Korea (North Korea).

The report also said that positive changes on the Korean Peninsula are now becoming clearer.

“The positive changes on the Korean peninsula are now clear,” he said.

The statement comes amid efforts by the United States to push for a halt to the export of refined oil to Pyongyang.

He added that Russia is ready to help modernize the North Korean energy system if sanctions are lifted and if Pyongyang can find funding for modernization.

The UN Security Council has unanimously stepped up sanctions against North Korea since 2006 in a bid to halt funding of North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Prohibits exports including coal, iron, tin, textiles and seafood, and limits imports of crude oil and refined petroleum products.