Syrian Regime Attacks School Building Contains Refugees

At least 10 refugees were killed in a barrage bomb attack by the Syrian regime against a school that houses refugees. Photo / Specialties – The regime forces in Syria are reported to have launched attacks and destroyed a school building occupied by refugees.

Reported from Anadolu, Wednesday (18/7/2018), In the attack, Reported 10 refugees killed in barrage bomb attacks.

One source in an anonymous condition said that in addition to 10 people were killed, dozens of refugees were also reported wounded in the attack.

“Dozens of people were also injured in the attack targeting a school that houses hundreds of abandoned civilians in the town of Ain al-Tinah, in the southern village of Quneitra,” the source said.

Yesterday, regime forces of Bashar al-Assad announced that they had succeeded in occupying Daraa, before advancing west of the country to the border with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Opposition sources say regime forces have entered the town of Hara, which is located about 20 kilometers from the border, after previously engaging fierce fighting with opposition forces.

The regime’s attacks have caused a major refugee crisis in Daraa, with about 350,000 civilians fleeing the western Syrian province in recent days, heading for areas near the Jordanian border.