Israeli Parliament Clears Netanyahu’s Authority Declares War

    How Benjamin Netanyahu’s Corruption Case May Have Impact on His Tenure as a PM – The Israeli parliament has reportedly revised laws allowing the country’s Prime Minister and Minister of Defense to make a decision to start a war.

    Quoted from Sputnik, Wednesday (18/07/2018), In a local media report said the majority of Parliament members have agreed to use the new law.

    Under the new law, the Authority to declare war on the Security Cabinet.

    The Security Cabinet is a cabinet established in 2001 and consists of Prime Minister, Defense Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Finance, Minister of Homeland Security and Minister of Justice. With the Prime Minister’s initiative, additional members can be added to the Security Cabinet.

    A copy of the new law says that the decision of the ministerial committee on starting a war should be adopted by the widest possible panel.

    “It is appropriate that the decision of the Ministerial Committee on initiating war or taking significant military actions that may be at a high level, which might lead to war, should be adopted by the widest possible panel,” the contents of the law.

    The power to declare war without the consent of the Cabinet has been granted to the Israeli Prime Minister and Secretary of Defense in the Knesset decision on 30 April this year.