Donald Trump: Russia Mixed Hands in 2016 Elections

Photo: AP – US President Donald Trump agrees with reports from US intelligence that Russia has intervened in US elections in 2016.

Reported from Sputnik, Wednesday (18/07/2018), It was delivered by Trump in front of reporters at the White House today.

He claimed to accept the conclusions issued by the US intelligence community about Russian interference in the US election. But he also said it could be someone else who did it.

“I accept the conclusions of our intelligence community that Russian interference in the 2016 election is happening, it could be other people as well.Many people out there,” Trump said.

Earlier, Trump had confessed wrongly speaking during a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland earlier this week. Trump calls him the wrong choice of words, which makes the whole meaning of his statements change.

Trump claims he plans to fire Putin about alleged Russian interference in US elections. However, unfortunately he was the wrong talk, which actually makes Trump as if defending Putin.