Russia Asks US to Give Permission to Meet Mariia Butina

Mariia Butina. Photo: AP – Russia is reported to have asked the United States (US) to give permission to meet with Mariia Butina.

Quoted from Sputnik, Wednesday (18/07/2018), The request was made by the Russian Embassy in the US for consular access Butina who is also a resident of Russia.

As reported previously, A woman named Mariia Butina has been arrested by authorities in the US for being accused of being a Russian spy.

In a statement from the Russian Embassy, ​​they asked that Butina be accompanied by a qualified lawyer.

“Because the material of the court case is classified as secret, the Russian woman’s interests illustrate her need for qualified lawyers,” the statement said.

“We are in touch with US authorities and demand from them consular access to Russians to protect their legitimate rights,” he continued.

Butina was arrested on Sunday. According to the US Department of Justice, he operates under the direction of high-ranking officials working for Russia.