The Israeli Army is Ready to Run Any Scenario in Gaza

How Benjamin Netanyahu’s Corruption Case May Have Impact on His Tenure as a PM – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says his military forces are ready for anything that happens in the Gaza Strip.

Reporting from Anadolu, Wednesday (18/07/2018), This statement came out after the rupture of the meeting between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

He said that Israel is currently in the midst of a meeting involving an exchange of attacks.

“We are in the midst of a battle involving an exchange of attacks and I can tell you that the (Israeli) army is ready for any scenario,” Netanyahu said.

He also said that the current military move in the Gaza Strip is the right step for now.

“I believe we are taking the right steps now,” he added.

Israel is stepping up its attacks on Gaza in response to the actions of Syrians who set fire kites that have damaged farmland in southern Israel.

Since the first demonstrations began on March 30, more than 130 Palestinian demonstrators have been killed, and thousands more were wounded, by Israeli soldiers firing.