Heat Waves Hit Japan

Photo: AP

atynews.com – Heat waves have hit Japan since the last few days. 14 people were also reported to have been killed in this natural disaster.

The disaster came just after the devastating floods hit the country that left more than 200 people dead and tens of thousands displaced.

Reports from the Japan Meteorological Agency say this phenomenon occurs in some areas of Japan with high levels of moisture which makes it a dangerous condition.

In the same report said, the country’s hot temperatures could reach 39 degrees Celsius in some flood-hit areas.

Thousands of others were hospitalized in hot conditions. The heat in the city of Ibigawa, Gifu, reached 39.3 degrees Celsius. The city was experiencing the warmest temperatures in Japan.

Temperatures in the capital city of Tokyo reached 34 degrees Celsius. Temperatures in some parts of western Japan that experienced floods reached 34.3 degrees Celsius at midday yesterday, thus creating dangerous conditions for military personnel and volunteers who clean up mud and waste from flooding.

“It’s really hot. All we can do is continue drinking water, “said a man in Okayama on NHK television.

Temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius or higher are called Japanese citizens as a very hot day. Such high temperatures were recorded in 200 locations across Japan on Sunday (15/7).