ISIS Attacks House of Afghan Taliban Commanders

Photo: AP – A number of ISIS members have reportedly attacked a house believed to be the home of a Taliban commander.

Quoted from Reuters on Wednesday (18/07/2018), it was being held a joint prayer in the province of Sar-e Pul in Northern Afghanistan. In the attack, Reported dozens of people were killed.

Zabihullah Amani, Spokesperson for the Office of Governor Sar-e-Pul confirmed the attack. He said that 15 Taliban were killed.

Two ISIS members entered the house and shot brutally, causing the dead instantly.

“Two ISIS members entered the Taliban commander’s house, where the event was in progress and opened fire, 15 Taliban were killed and five wounded,” he said.

Northern Afghanistan has become one of the main areas of ISIS activity in Afghanistan, when the movement has spread beyond its home base in the eastern province of Nangarhar.

Some members of ISIS in Afghanistan are in fact former members of the Taliban. One of the ISIS commanders in Afghanistan, Saba Gul or Mohammad Khorasani was originally a Taliban official.

It is not clear how many victims were injured in the ISIS’s brutal attacks.