After 2 Years, the Turkish Government Ends Emergency

The state of emergency that has been in place for the last two years will end this week (Reuters Doc) – The Turkish government announces the end of an emergency in the country. The situation has been going on for the past two years.

Reported by Reuters on Wednesday (07/18/2018), it was delivered directly by Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a statement.

Erdogan declared a state of emergency in Turkey since July 20, 2016, or five days after a series of warplanes bombed Ankara and bloodbaths took place in Istanbul. At least 249 people died in a coup attempt against Erdogan, which led to the failure.

The Turkish president is known to have extended seven times the state of emergency in the country given the unstable conditions.

During an emergency, about 80,000 people were detained and more people were removed from various public offices.

Clean-up operations in modern Turkish history target not only prominent cleric supporters Fethullah Gulen who was accused of masterminding the coup attempt but also targeting Kurdish and left-wing activities.

The state of emergency in Turkey will officially end on Thursday (19/7) morning, since at 01.00 local time. Erdogan’s government no longer asks for an extension of emergency.