UK Introduce Their Future Fighter Jet

Photo: DW – The UK has introduced the design of their future fighter jets at the Farnborough Air Show Exhibition.

Quoted from DW on Wednesday (18/07/2018), British Defense Minister, Gavin Williamson, launched the real-size model of the fighter jet – which is named Tempest.

This design is claimed as well as competing with similar projects that are being developed by France today.

Williamson claims that this jet is the most advanced in the world. Can be used unmanned like a drone. Reportedly will start operating in 2035.

Britain will invest 2 billion pounds by 2025 for a stealth war aircraft, which will involve British companies BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce and Leonardo and MBDA.

Williamson said the program was designed to ensure Britain continues its pioneering in combat aircraft technology and airspace control in future conflicts.

The exhibition was conducted after Brexit took place in the country. At the same time ensuring England will be the foremost in the military field.