Police Can not Find Stolen US Nuclear Material Not Found

Location of the theft of United States nuclear material when transported by Ford Expedition cargo car in 2017 ago. Photos / Google Maps

atynews.com – Police in the United States (US) assisted by the FBI is reported to have given up in search of missing nuclear material a year ago.

Quoted from the BBC, Tuesday (17/07/2018), the material is known is a sample of plutonium and cesium belonging to the US that has been lost.

A year ago, security experts from the Idaho labs were in Texas to pick up hazardous radioactive materials from a nonprofit research laboratory in the area. They carry small plates of plutonium and cesium for calibration.

However, when the experts rested in a hotel room at night, the nuclear material transport vehicle they left in the parking lot was overrun by thieves. The car is a rental car from Ford Expredition.

But unfortunately when they returned to the morning car, the car window was destroyed and saw the nuclear material was gone.

The search has involved the police and the FBI for the past year but has not paid off.

Police have not found a clear fingerprint on or in the car. They also can not take surveillance records that can be used. In addition, law enforcers also failed to find witnesses of such crimes.