Vladimir Putin: Missile Rain Area in Non-Florida Simulation

    Images of the Russian missile attack simulation video. President Vladimir Putin denied if the area in the video image was Florida, USA. Photos / YouTube

    atynews.com – Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied allegations that simulated a hypersonic missile strike in Florida, the United States (US).

    Quoted from Fox News, Tuesday (17/7/2018), the denial was delivered by Putin to Fox News in an interview with Chris Wallace.

    Putin said that there is no information that it is Florida. They can look in more detail with caution.

    “There is no explanation that says it’s Florida, they can look more carefully.Never have a description, ‘Florida’,” Putin said.

    “No, but you can see it on the map,” Wallace replied.

    “It flies over the east coast, no, no, no, it can not be seen on the map,” Putin said. “Take a closer look, and do not try to frighten your people with this artificial threat, and now, I’m pretty sure I can give you this recording as a gift.” Putin added.

    The tape apparently made the President of the United States (US), Donald Trump furious.

    The simulation video was originally published by Putin in a speech to the Russian Parliament last March.

    In the speech, Putin also introduced five new generation Russian weapons. One of them is the Kinzhal Hypersonic Missile.