Austria: US and Russian Cooperation Important to Solve Syrian Conflict

Sebastian Kurz. Photo: AP – Austria says if cooperation between the two major countries namely the United States (US) and also Russia is needed for nuclear disarmament and also help the peace process in Syria.

Reported by Sputnik, Tuesday (07/17/2018), This was conveyed by Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz cites the meeting of both Russian and US leaders.

In addition, He also said if the influence of Russia and the US is very large in the world today. considering both are two superpowers.

“Increasing cooperation between the two superpowers, the US and Russia, is indispensable for nuclear disarmament or peaceful settlement in Syria while respecting Israel’s security interests,” Kurz said.

He also appreciated the meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, which took place in the Finnish capital Monday.

He added that the path of dialogue in solving all problems. It means even big countries like the US and Russia.

“The second meeting of the president has been a signal that global challenges can be solved only through dialogue,” Kurz said.