Meet Putin in Finland, Trump Praise Russia World Cup 2018

Trump meets Putin in Finland (Photo: REUTERS / Kevin Lamarque) – President of the United States (US), Donand Trump praised the implementation of the 2018 World Cup that took place in Russia.

Quoted from the BBC on Tuesday (7/17/2018), it was delivered by Trump directly to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin when meeting in Finland yesterday.

Trump also congratulated Mr Putin for his successful big football event in his country.

“I want to congratulate you on a truly good World Cup, one of the best,” Trump said.

This meeting begins with a shake between Trump and Putin. Trump later said the meeting would discuss many things from trade, the military, to China. He also said togetherness with Russia is a good thing.

Trump also said that togetherness US and Russia is a good thing going forward.

“Togetherness with Russia is a good thing,” he said.

As is known, the two leaders met in Finland to discuss the problems of both countries. The meeting was held after the NATO summit was completed a few days ago.