Rolls-Royce Develops Flying Taxi Project

The flying car project that Rolls-Royce is working on. (Rolls-Royce) – Rolls-Royce is reported to be developing a propulsion system for flying cabs that can fly in space at the start of the upcoming decade.

Quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (07/17/2018), the company was rumored to have started designing the manufacture of the flying vehicle.

As is known, Rolls-Royce is a factory company of aircraft engines and automobiles. They will develop a flying taxi.

According to the plan, the ‘flying car’ can accommodate five people and drive at a speed of 402 kilometers per hour as far as 800 kilometers.

“We are in a good position to play a leading role in the development of personal air mobility and will seek cooperation with various partners,” said Rob Watson, head of Rolls-Royce’s electric vehicle division.

The Rolls-Royce reveals that their EVTOL designs initially used gas turbine technology to generate electricity to power six less noise boosters.

The wings of this vehicle can rotate 90 degrees so it can take off and land vertically at airports and helicopter pads.

In addition, the Company is also reportedly looking for a strategic partner to jointly develop the flying taxi.