Tour Boat in Hawaii Damaged by Lava, 23 Injured People

(Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources/Handout via REUTERS) – A tourist ship in Hawaii is reportedly damaged because lava flows from Mount Kilauea in Hawaii explode and destroy the ship.

Report from Reuters on Tuesday (17/7/2018), There are at least 23 people wisawatan teruka because of the explosion and damage the ship’s wisawatan.

The explosion of hot steam was reported to have been triggered by melting volcanic rocks mixed with salty sea water. The so-called ‘lava bomb’ explosion hit the roof of the ship and entered the seating area.

Fortunately, the tourist ship managed to return safely to Hilo Harbor in Hawaii about an hour later.

Head of the Hawaii County Fire Department Battalion, Darwin Okinaka, said about 9-10 people who suffered minor injuries were taken to the hospital in private vehicles. While 10 other injured victims get medical treatment at the port.

A spokesman for the local Department of Civil, Kelly Wooten, said a total of 23 people were injured.