Throw Ink to Poster President Xi, Chinese Woman Arrested

Xi Jinping (BBC World) – A woman in China is reported to have been detained by the police for throwing ink into China’s presidential poste Xi Jinping.

Report from AFP on Tuesday (7/17/2018), The news is reported by a network of Chinese-based rights activist activists (CHRD).

According to the same news, Action woman was broadcast via live-streaming service on Twitter social media. The woman was known as Dong Yaoqiong (28).

In the report CHRD said that in addition to detaining Dong, the Chinese authorities also arrested a local artist who spread the action in social media.

Dong’s dad named Dong Jianbiao had confirmed the identity of his daughter by posting the child’s identity card.

The father was also called to release a statement via social media that calls the detention of his daughter as a ‘kidnapping act like a bandit’ and ‘law enforcement action unlawful’.

Since the statement was circulated on social media Twitter, the father disappeared. Local artist named Hua Yong who had called for the release of Dong via social media, also reportedly disappeared. By 2017, Hua Yong was arrested for documenting immigrant evictions in Beijing.

Detention of Dong came after he aired his action via Twitter live-streaming on July 4th. At that moment, Dong threw ink at President Xi’s poster at a location in the financial district of Shanghai.