South Korean Military Helicopter Falls, 5 Dead

Illustrations (Photo: REUTERS) – A South Korean (South Korean) military helicopter is reported to have crashed in southeastern South Korea today.

Quoted by AFP on Tuesday (7/17/2018), this is justified by the South Korean Ministry of Defense in a press statement.

In this incident, the helicopter crashed and burned during a test flight after making repairs at a military base in Pohang City.

In the same report mentions if the five crew members in the helicopter were declared dead. While one other person was hospitalized for serious injuries.

“Five of the six crew in it were killed and another has been taken to the hospital due to injuries,” the South’s defense ministry statement said.

No identity was identified by the victims. It is also unclear whether they are all soldiers.

According to Yonhap news agency, the military helicopter is a domestic production known as the MUH-1 or Marineon model.