Air Raid Kills 7 Civilians in South Syria

Photo: AP – Air strikes in the Syrian South Region conducted by Syrian Government forces have reportedly killed seven civilians.

Quoted from Reuters on Tuesday (7/17/2018), The interim report there is no official information identities of the victims killed in the attack.

The air strikes took place in Quneitra province, Syria bordering the Golan Heights occupied by Israel.

President Bashar al-Assad’s regime forces have been attacking the province since Sunday (15/7) in an effort to reclaim the province from the rebels.

The increase in attacks was carried out by Syrian government forces after Daraa province was successfully taken over since last week.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Syrian human rights group says that two women and three children have been killed in the attack.

“Six civilians including two women and three children were killed in air strikes near Ain al-Tina on the Quneitra border with Daraa province,” the report said.

Observatory states, not yet known whether the air strikes were conducted by the Syrian regime or its ally Russia.