Israeli Rocket Attack in Syria Kills 9 Soldiers

The Israeli military reportedly attacked the Syrian military position near Aleppo on Sunday night. Photo / REUTERS / Baasam Khabieh / File Photo – Nine soldiers were reported killed in a rocket attack from the Israeli military to Syria near Aleppo.

Quoted from Reuters on Monday (16/7/2018), this report refers to the statement of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights based in the UK on Monday.

In the report it was said that six of them were Syrian troops and three others were unknown.

As reported earlier, the Israeli army has stepped up its attack near Aleppo on Sunday night.

To date, the Israeli military has neither admitted nor denied air strikes against the Syrian military position at Al-Nayrab air base, near Aleppo.

Meanwhile, earlier reports published from Syrian military statements say no casualties were killed in the attack.

“The Zionist enemy is targeting one of our military sites north of Nayrab base, causing only material damage,” the report said.

There has been no official information from the Syrian military on claims published by this Observatory.