Syrian Army Seeks Area Near Israeli Border

Photo: Reuters – Syrian government forces say they have mastered a hill near the Golan Heights.

Quoted from Reuters on Monday (07/16/2018), The news was reported from the Television Station in Syria quoting a source from the military.

The hill is known to be Bukit al-Haara on the second day of attack to seize the remaining southwestern part of Syria in the hands of rebels and close to the border with Israel.

This hill is near the Golan Heights where, Golan is currently controlled by the Government of Israel.

The hilltop, which has a major anti-aircraft radar base that is part of the Syrian army’s defenses against Israel, fell into the hands of rebels in October 2014.

Meanwhile, Israeli military rockets peppered the Syrian regime’s military position near an airport on the outskirts of Aleppo. The position of army regime of President Bashar al-Assad’s attacked government was near Al-Nayrab airport.

The attack launched on Sunday night (15/6) was reported not cause casualties.