Donald Trump: Obama ‘Let’ Russia Mix Hand in US Elections

Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters – US President Donald Trump accused former US President Barack Obama of letting Russia intervene in US elections in 2016.

Quoted from Reuters on Monday (16/07/2018), it was announced by President Trump on his personal Twitter account.

The FBI has reportedly told Obama of possible Russian interference in the US election, but Obama is said not to respond to the report.

“President Obama thinks that Hillary will win the election, so when he was told by the FBI about Russian interference, he said it could not happen, no big deal, and did not do anything,” Trump said.

Continue Trump, When he won the US election, this problem will be a big problem and must be resolved.

“When I win, this becomes a big problem and there is a” witch hunt “led by Strzok!” he continued, referring to Peter Strzok, an FBI agent who criticized Trump during the campaign period.

The question of Russian interference in the US election itself will be one of the discussions in the meeting of Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.