Moscow Hopes for Putin-Trump Meeting to Fix Russia and US Relations

Photo: AP – The Kremlin hopes a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump could improve relations between Russia and the United States.

Reported from Sputnik, Monday (16/07/2018), This was delivered by a Kremlin Spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov on the media.

He said that the meeting was expected by Russia to make small steps to know the crisis.

“This is what we expect, that this meeting will enable us to make at least one small step away from the crisis we are currently facing,” he said.

Peskov later stated, Russia is not surprised by the principle proclaimed by Trump, which states that US interests are the main thing for Washington. He called Putin a similar principle, that Russian interests were everything to Moscow.

“This principle is relevant to the head of state, because every head of state in contact with a foreign partner will definitely defend his own country’s interests, and in this case our president is very pragmatic, open and very consistent, he always said that the interests of Russia and the Russians are which is most important to him, and therefore he respects the fact that his world view is shared by Donald Trump in relation to his country, “he said.

As is known, Today, President Putin and President Trump have agreed to meet at Filandia to discuss many issues in the world, especially peace in the Middle East.