Josep Borrell Calling Donald Trump Got Many Problems

Josep Borrell. Photo: Reuters – Josep Borrell, Foreign Minister of Spain is saying that the President of the United States (US), Donald Trump has many problems with the whole world.

Quoted from Russia Today, Monday (16/07/2018), it was delivered by Borrell in a statement to the media.

This response was also issued by Borrell from President Trump’s remarks on US relations with the international world.

As reported previously, Trump said the US currently has many enemies, including the European Union (EU), Russia and China. Then, recently Trump also mentioned the previous US government policy has brought US and Russian relations at the lowest point.

He also commented on the meeting between Donald Trump and Vladirimir Putin today.

“What I do know is that Trump says he does not expect much from the meeting (with Vladimir Putin) and that relations with Russia are very bad,” Borrell said.

He also said that Trump never cares much about the opinion of the EU countries.

“Trump seems to have a bad relationship with the rest of the world.The US President’s statement does not give the impression that he” cares “much about the EU’s opinion,” he continued.