Co-pilot Smoking Causes China Air Plane Falls Free 25 Thousand Feet Fired

Air China-owned aircraft. Photo / REUTERS – Co-pilot reportedly smoked on the plane causing the plane from Air China Airbus to plunge 25 thousand feet has been fired.

Launched from China Morning Post, Monday (16/7/2018), flight authorities in China has declared the Co-Pilot made a mistake by smoking electric cigarette in the cockpit.

In addition to dismissing the Co-pilot, He will also be processed in accordance with applicable law for the responsibility of the incident.

“After the investigation to verify the incident, the decision is to suspend the relevant crew to fly and terminate the contract in accordance with the law The crew member responsible for the incident has been handled seriously,” the airline said.

Initially, the pilot who allegedly smoked. However, the investigation says the co-pilot who smokes an electric cigarette makes the plane almost a disaster.

The airline also recommended the China Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC) to revoke the co-pilot license after the airline completed an internal investigation.

CAAC earlier said it had launched a full investigation into an incident involving the plane with the CA106 flight number. The plane took off from Hong Kong International Airport on Tuesday night to head to Dalian. The plane carrying 153 passengers and nine crew.