Air Force Violation Protest, South Korea Called Military Attache Russia

Photo: Reuters – South Korea via the Ministry of Defense has summoned Russia’s military attache for breach of Russian aircraft in their air zone.

Quoted from KBS, Monday (16/7/2018), the incident was reported on Friday last week.

He said Deputy Director-General of International Policy Park Chul-kyun summoned Andrey Falileev, Russia’s military attaché to South Korea to protest the Russian military plane plan illegally entering KADIZ.

The report says Park Chul-kyun has strongly protested over Russia’s entry into future prevention measures.

He also said that the entry of Russian military aircraft into KADIZ would not help efforts to stabilize the Korean Peninsula as well as Northeast Asia.

Meanwhile, South Korea’s Foreign Ministry said that director-general for European Affairs Jung Ki-hong summoned Maxim Volkov, a diplomat at the Russian Embassy, ​​and expressed regret for KADIZ’s offense.