Israel and Gaza Militant Group Will Hold Talks

Photo: BBC – Israel and militant groups in Gaza, Islamic Jihad and Hamas are reported to be holding peace talks on Saturday night.

Quoted from Reuters on Saturday (14/07/2018), this talks will be brokered by Egypt and also the United Nations.

As is known, the attacks on the Gaza Strip by the Israeli Army have been increasing since today in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli military claimed that their attack was a response from the actions of demonstrators carrying weapons, homemade bombs and throwing them at Israel.

As reported earlier, the Palestinian People along the Gaza Strip have been demonstrating since the last few weeks.

In Saturday’s attack, the Ministry of Health of Pakistan said there was one 15-year-old boy who was the victim.

In addition, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also visited Russia to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the second meeting, the agenda of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians was also discussed by the two leaders.