Iran’s President: US Isolated on Iran’s Sanctions

Hassan Rouhani. Photo: BBC – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says if the United States (US) has been in an isolated situation because it imposed sanctions on Iran.

Reported by Reuters on Saturday (14/07/2018), it was delivered by Rouhani in a statement on local TV stations.

This action was done by the Iranian President to express fears of the Iranian people after being imposed sanctions by the United States.

Trump subsequently imposed sanctioned US sanctions in exchange for restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program. These sanctions directly affected the sharp decline of the Iranian currency and fueled the protests of bazaar traders who were usually loyal to the government.

“Today, we are in a condition where the United States is more isolated than ever before over sanctions,” Rouhani said.

“America’s illegal actions have even isolated among its own allies as we have just seen,” he said, referring to Britain’s protest against Trump’s visit.

As is known, the Community in London to action the rejection of the arrival of Trump to England. in fact, a giant balloon flew in front of the British Parliament Building.

“The government promises to the people that there will be no problems for the country in terms of energy, transportation, basic goods and production,” added the Iranian president.