Israel Spent the Largest Air Attack Since 2014

Photo: AP – The situation in the Gaza Strip is heating up after the Israeli military has reportedly stepped up its attack on the region.

Reported from VOA, Saturday (14/07/2018), Known this is Israel’s largest attack into Gaza since 2014 ago.

Air strikes started early Saturday and were greeted with mortar attacks and rockets from the Palestinian side.

Israel says it attacks more than 40 Hamas targets. The Israeli military said Hamas responded to air raids with more than 50 rockets.

This incident resulted in the death of one 15-year-old Palestinian teenager. In addition, hundreds of others were reportedly wounded.

Israel claims that this attack is a retaliation against demonstrators who throw homemade bombs into the Israeli military.

In addition, Israel has suffered a number of destructive fires caused by fire kites and balloons flown by Palestinians across the border.

The protesters also threw fire bombs, explosives, and burned tires on Israeli troops.

Palestinians say they are protesting against plans by the Israeli government to destroy the West Bank village. On Friday, the Israeli Supreme Court said it would postpone a decision on the village until at least August 15.