Benjamin Netanyahu and Trump Discuss Iran and Syria Issues Through Telephone

Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: AP – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reported to have talks on issues in Iran and Syria to US President Donald Trump via telephone line.

Quoted from Reuters, Saturday (14/07/2018), Related Syria, he said, Trump agreed with him that the conflict that occurred in Syria poses a serious threat to Israel.

In addition to discussing the issues of Iran and Syria, the two are reportedly discussing the security and diplomatic issues of both countries.

“We discuss the security and diplomatic issues arising from regional developments, the most important of them, of course, Syria and Iran,” Netanyahu said.

He also praised President Trump’s harsh attitude toward Iran to this day. What’s more, some sanctions can wait for Iran.

“I thank Trump for his staunch attitude towards Iran, reaffirming his commitment to Israeli security and his willingness to help Israel in various fields,” he continued.

Talks between Trump and Netantahu itself took place ahead of a meeting between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump and Putin are scheduled to meet tomorrow in the capital of Filandia, Helsinki.