US Asks UN to Stop Shipments of Petroleum Products to North Korea

Photo: Google – United States (US) reportedly has asked the UN Security Council to stop immediately all shipments of processed oil products to North Korea (North Korea).

Quoted from the AFP, Friday (13/7/2018), The secret report was allegedly leaked and reached the media that asked the UN to act.

In the report, There are about 759,793 barrels of oil products have been sent to the North between January 1 and May 30.

This amount is well above the annual quota set at 500 thousand barrels.

The illegal oil supply was allegedly sent by ship to a ship at sea with North Korean tankers.

“The illegal supply was provided via ship shipments to ships at sea using North Korean tankers who have been calling at the port at least 89 times that is likely to deliver shipments,” according to the report.

In a letter, the United States asked the UN sanctions committee to declare that the North has violated US-approved quotas. The US also ordered the immediate termination of all transfers of refined petroleum products to North Korea.

Under the latest sanctions resolution adopted in December, crude supplies to the North are limited to four million barrels per year and 500,000 barrels of refined oil products annually.