Venezuelan President: Colombian Paramilitaries Infiltrate the Venezuelan Border

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Photo: AP – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has alleged that groups from neighboring Colombia have broken into the country and disrupted the border region.

Quoted from AVN, Friday (13/7/2018), As is known, Venezuela is currently in an economic crisis.

He accused the group of going through the border to harm his people and to provoke him.

“Paramilitary groups enter through the border to harm the Venezuelan people and conduct a series of provocations,” Maduro said.

Speaking before a military meeting in Caracas, Maduro blamed Colombian tycoons and the United States for ordering attacks. He also urged the armed forces to remain vigilant.

The year before, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Samuel Moncada claimed that Colombia and Mexico, had collaborated with the CIA to harm Venezuela. Mexico’s Foreign Ministry and Colombia have denied all allegations from the top Venezuelan official.

The border between Venezuela and Colombia was closed for a year since August 2015 by Maduro’s decision after an attack on the military, perpetrated by smugglers. In August 2016, the two countries agreed to gradually reopen the border.