Tour Ticket Price to Overseas Space Reaches USD 200 Thousand

Rocket Blue Origin New Shepard. Photo: AP – The space travel services provided by Jeff Bezos are rumored to have ticket prices that reach USD 200 thousand to USD 300 thousand.

Quoted from Reuters on Saturday (14/07/2018), Later space travel services Blue Origin will be launched in 2019.

The news of the space ticket pricing is reported so that consumers can set up the funds before Blue Origin is ready for launch.

The price of a space travel ticket was revealed by two Blue Origin employees to Reuters.

Blue Origin has indeed prepared a New Shepard aircraft shaped like a capsule that will take the tourists into space. The aircraft is designed to carry six people into space that is 100 kilometers above Earth.

The passengers can enjoy the view of outer space and planet Earth from a distance. There are six windows in the New Shepard that passengers can use to watch the scenery.

Once completed, the passengers will go home with capsules that descend to Earth using a parachute.

So far, Blue Origin has finished running eight vertical flight tests and landed on the runway in Texas, USA. However, the test has not yet carried any passengers. New Shepard testing has been done twice with a human doll called ‘Mannequin Skywalker’.