Ryanair Plane Landed Emergency, 30 Passengers Taken To Hospital

Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP

atynews.com – A Ryanair airline plane flying from Dublin to Zadar in Croatia reportedly made an emergency landing in Frankfurt, Germany.

Reported from AFP, Saturday (14/07/208), the aircraft was reported to decrease air pressure in the cabin suddenly.

In this incident, At least 30 passengers were rushed to hospital for first aid.

In that flight, There are about 189 passengers.

“Passengers complain of headaches and earache and feel sick,” said a spokesman for the German police.

In the statement quoted by DPA, Ryanair airline said the aircraft had a sudden drop in air pressure in the cabin, causing the drop of oxygen masks. The pilot lowered the aircraft’s altitude controlled for emergency landing at Frankfurt-Hahn airport in Frankfurt.

Airport officials said about 30 people were taken to the hospital and they had all left the hospital the following morning after being tested.