Israeli army back to attack in Gaza Strip

Photo: AFP PHOTO / SAM YEH – Israeli Air Force Army is reported to have launched an air raid on the Southern Territory of the Gaza Strip.

Quoted from Press TV on Saturday (14/7/2018), the attack was carried out by the Israeli armed forces on Saturday saturday day local time.

In the attack, the Israeli air force targets are known to be the headquarters believed to belong to the Hamas group and tunnels in the region.

Shortly after Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip, sirens sounded throughout the region. So far there have been no reports of casualties or the extent of damage caused by Israeli air strikes.

In a statement, the Israeli military said the air strikes were in retaliation for at least 17 rockets or mortar shells fired by Hamas into Israeli territory.

The Israeli military claims its sophisticated anti-miss system, the Iron Dome, managed to dispel at least five rockets. Mentioned that one of the rockets landed in a residential area.

There have been no official reports of casualties resulting from the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip.